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Daily Encouragement for the Radical Believer.

I am a simple girl. A heart for the Lord. And a passion for people. I am currently leading a study for young women about purity and the relationship that God has for us as young women. I have a passion for leading worship, and a desire to work with young children. God has really taught me how to be humbled and give what I have.

I do my best to follow Christ. In every aspect of my life, I keep Him held High and Lifted up. My tumblr is the way I express my thoughts, feelings, and stress. It's the one constant in my life other than Jesus Christ Himself. I am continually learning how to be a better lover. To love Christ, to love others, and to Love God's creation including myself.

I am human, and see flaws in myself. I am tempted and tried by satan too. My weapon? Truth. God's word. His love is written blatantly in scripture. I love to encourage others, and be encouraged myself.

We are called to run this race together as a team. as a family. Don;t believe me? it says it in scripture.

Feel free to ask questions! :D Or just start a Conversation.
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How to build a dome

All Photos © Steve Areen

This is awesome.

this is some tattooine level shit right here

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Crater lake at sunset. I feel spoiled out here.

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"Maybe if you go to bed you’ll feel better in the morning" is literally just the human version of "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

what have you done

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Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

I am in LOVE with these.


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I smell like chlorine today. the lingering scent that is only there when you make an effort to get close enough to smell it. Only those who make an effort to really experience God/Holy spirit, can. not because they have gifts, or high education. but because if we want to, we can. if the desire to…


grace claire photography

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11 month old twins dancing to daddy’s guitar

> That look they give each other when the music starts… absolutely adorable!

> I’ve gone from not wanting kids, to wanting twins and learning to play guitar.. in the space of 45 seconds.

> Proven that babies can and do effectively communicate with each other.

> I’m amazed at the human response to music/harmony at this early a stage. Instantly they’re just like “wow, this is pleasing to the ears! I love this!”

> Oh snap sis it’s our jam!

The cuteness. I can’t even.

I just want this on my blog again. Some smiles to before heading off to sleep. :-)

I’m so glad this is back in my life.

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